Several users come across McAfee not scanning. If you are among them then this guide would be the real help. McAfee is a leading name in the antivirus industry. It not only provides a security shield against threatful viruses but also gets updated on its own. But, at times, uses face issues like Mcafee won’t open. You may go directly to the technical support or move ahead to the remaining post to troubleshoot this issue.

For troubleshooting it, we have to first examine the causes that make it appear on your system. So, let’s move ahead now and learn why the McAfee scan creates a problem. 

Triggers that Arise McAfee won’t Open

Several triggers work background to make this issue appears. Get into this section and learn what they are. 

Upgrading Issues

At times, Mcafee could not conduct the updates on its own because of the compatibility issues between the system and the software. So, users face several kinds of issues. Therefore, it is essential to check on the updates and then do it on your own if you don’t want to face McAfee Antivirus not scanning or working properly. McAfee keeps notifying you about the updates, you only have to focus here. 

Uninstallation is Wrong

The second cause could be the wrong uninstallation of McAfee. Many users try to uninstall and remove the device on their own so they end up with this issue. So, make sure to always consult a technician if you want no further issues. 

Compatibility Issues

The system and antivirus need to be compatible with each other. If the situation is opposite then the chances of getting Mcafee won’t open would arise. It not only causes this issue but also shapes the slow speed of the system. 

So, these are the common reasons that bring this issue. You may now want to fix it so let’s proceed with the troubleshooting section. 

Different Methods to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Working

Here, you will get the best possible ways to eradicate the issue. You can carry out the procedure from the first method and if the problem occurs then move to the laters. Now, let’s get started. 

Method 1: System Reboot

Restarting Text Image

This is the first and foremost solution that everyone tackling McAfee won’t open should do. Try to reboot your system in the first place and run a McAfee scan. If the scan is doing great then the issue is resolved but if not then move towards the next solution. 

Method 2: Permit Access Protection

In this solution, the user needs to provide access protection to keep up with the scanning procedure. 

  • To begin, try to access the McAfee product. 
  • Thereafter, tap on Navigation.
  • Alternatively, you can move towards the top right corner and tap on the Cog
  • Once done, just access the Access Protection

Virus Scan Console Snapshot

  • From there, you need to select the check box named Use Access Protection. 
  • Move towards the Apply button. 
  • Make sure to restart your computer in this step. 
  • Restarting will help you in saving all the recent changes. 

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the Antivirus Software

If the problem still occurs then learn how to eradicate the issue with uninstallation and reinstallation of McAfee antivirus. Now, let’s get started. 

Mcafee antivirus : installation

  • In the first place, you need to click on the Install button. 
  • This will begin the installation procedure. 
  • After that, you will receive a notification telling you to delete the last version you have used, make sure to click on that. 
  • Once done, tap on the Accept button for terms and conditions. 
  • Now, the antivirus software will get installed on its own. 
  • Conduct the scanning procedure and check does McAfee work

Method 4: Resolve McAfee won’t Open Manually

This is the fourth solution that you can perform on the system. Given below steps will assist you in doing the procedure.

  • First of all, ensure that you have a proper internet connection on your system
  • Then, examine if you are running the updated versions or not. 
  • Also, delete other antiviruses if there are any installed on your system.

Uninstalling from Control panel

  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the McAfee antivirus now and check for the updates. 

Method 5: Reset the Internet Activity

In this solution, we try to reset the Internet activity with these steps given below: 

 Reset Internet Connectivity Options window

  • Navigate towards the Internet Explorer. 
  • Make sure that you tap on Internet Options. 
  • Once done, choose Tools. 
  • Click on the Advanced Tools now. 
  • Move your cursor towards the Reset button now.
  • When you have done this procedure, try to restart your PC. 
  • Just conduct the scanning procedure now. 

Method 6: Conduct Manual Scan

If any of the solutions would not work then try to conduct a manual scan for your device. Guiding steps are here right below: 

  • First of all, shut down the system. 
  • After that, turn your system on.
  • You will see the BIOS processing now. 

Mcafee secure scan : BIOS Processing

  • Now, hit the F8 button and choose Safe mode by using the arrow keys. 
  • Make sure to click on the Enter tab. 
  • When the safe mode window arrives, navigate towards the Start menu. 
  • Search for McAfee and also tap on All Programs. 
  • You need to now click On-Demand Scan. 

Mcafee scan

  • Consequently, hit the Scan button. 
  • Now, the scanning procedure will automatically start, you just have to close it when it ends. 
  • Choose the Normal mode and restart your computer. 

Method 7: Remove the Junk Files

At times, junk files create this kind of hindrances while covering the disk space. This way it will bring conflicts with other programs too. So, try to remove them as soon as possible. With the steps outlined below, you can easily delete these junks. 

  • Move towards the Windows PC.
  • Go to the search bar and type the command there. 
  • You will see the command prompt now. 
  • Once done, enter cleanmgr. 

Mcafee antivirus : cleanmgr

  • Thereafter, hit Enter and move ahead. 
  • The disk clean-up windows will get opened now. 
  • Just make sure to tap on the Run tab. 
  • It will consume a little time to scan all the programs and files of your system. 
  • When you see a list of the products, choose temp files from there. 

Mcafee secure scan : clear temp files

  • After that, move towards the Remove. 
  • When all the files are removed, just restart your system. 
  • Also, access the McAfee secure scan to check whether it is running smoothly or not.

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Wrapping Up!

McAfee antivirus is one of the best antiviruses that keeps the track of all threatful activities. It should be run properly to get its amazing benefits. Issues like McAfee won’t open or scan keeps on emerging if you do not conduct the best troubleshooting. So, make sure to follow each step wisely to eradicate such irritable issues. Also, push the notification icon if you want to have such kind of information on your feed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the Steps to Run a Full Scan with McAfee?

  • Navigate towards the McAfee Security Software.
  • Tap on Mac Security now. 
  • You can now tap on Run a scan
  • Choose your type of scan from options such as full, custom, and rapid scan.
  • Now, you can start the scanning procedure. 

2. How do Get to Know if McAfee is Working?

You can ensure McAfee’s performance from one of the following things: 

  • Start menu> Control Panel> Programs and Features.
  • You should check the program on the installed programs list. If McAfee is not there then download and install it on your device.
  • Perform double-click on the icon and confirm that it is working properly. 

3. What are the steps to verify my Windows McAfee Status?

  • Move towards the managed system. 
  • Now, perform a right-click on the McAfee agent icon.
  • You can find it on the system tray. 
  • Once done with that, tap on Save contents to Desktop. 
  • Hit the close button now. 

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