McAfee safe connect ensures privacy protection by providing the Virtual Private Network or VPN. That means you can have an advanced layer of protection while using public and private networks. The user can keep privacy at the highest level through McAfee VPN. But, at times, it gets stopped in the middle, and users face issues like McAfee VPN not working. Well, the issue can be easily resolved with some troubleshooting so you don’t need to be worried about your privacy.

McAfee safe connect brings some of the messages when not running:

  • We cannot connect to VPN right now. Try again later
  • Oops, something went wrong
  • There is no internet connection. Try again later
  • You might have crossed the 5 device limit
  • We cannot connect to VPN right now. 

As a VPN server, McAfee encrypts and transmits the data to the internet. But, if the firewall restricts the entry of antivirus software or VPN is not allowed in the country then the chances of getting this issue may arise. As we cannot go against the supreme’s guidelines so, we try to root out each of the causes that do not support McAfee. Therefore, now, let’s get into the next section and first learn the factors that trigger McAfee safe connect not working. 

Possible Causes of McAfee VPN not Working

  • Using McAfee VPN in more than 5 devices. 
  • Improper Internet Connection. 
  • Problems while connecting VPN. 
  • LAN settings are not modified properly. 
  • You are living in a country that bans the VPN service. 
  • The firewall does not allow any other software to function.
  • Using an outdated system on your device. 
  • Network Driver is not updated.

How to Eradicate McAfee Safe Connect not working?

Here are listed some of the best troubleshooting from which you can resolve the McAfee problem instantly. 

Solution 1: Update Your System’s Time and Date

Moving to another time zone can also shape this issue. So, always make sure to maintain a proper setting by getting into the steps ahead. 

  • To initiate, go to the Taskbar. 
  • Now, click on the Start button. 
  • In the search column, enter the date and time. 
  • Thereafter, select the Date and Time settings tab. 

McAfee problem : date and time settings

  • Turn off the option named Set time automatically. 
  • Now, have some patience for a while and enable it again. 

McAfee safe connect : set time automatically

  • The data and time will now be set instantly.
  • Once done with this entire procedure, just check if the issue is still there or not. 
  • If you want to configure the date and time setting manually then tap Change. 

Solution 2: Turn Off Firewall

As a firewall restricts another program to run on the device so we try to disable it with the following steps: 

  • Again you need to move towards the Taskbar. 
  • Now, hit the Start button from there. 
  • Once done with that, choose Firewall. 
  • Also, select the Windows Firewall option. 

Safe connect : windows firewall

  • You will see a tab named Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall on the left pane. Just choose it and then move ahead. 

McAfee safe connect not working : Windows Firewall

  • Next, you need to find out the McAfee VPN.
  • Once done, just permit other connections as well that include outgoing and incoming.
  • Don’t forget to save the entire procedure. 
  • In the last, just examine if the issue has been resolved or not. 
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Solution 3: Check the Performance of Internet

McAfee VPN : Check Internet Connection

It is the most important solution that every other guy should know. You have to check the status of your Internet in three steps. 

  • The very first step is to obtain a good internet connection. If it is not then don’t hesitate to ask for the same from your Internet Service Provider. 
  • If there is no such slow speed performance then take a look at the indicator lights of your router. With this, you will get an idea that where the real issue lies on the router or on the Internet. 
  • Now, try to connect with the different networks to examine if you are facing censoring from your ISP or not.  

Solution 4: Update the Network Driver

As drivers are used for connecting purposes so using an outdated one would create some problems. However, here are the solutions for that. 

  • In the first place, you need to close the McAfee VPN. 
  • Once done with that, hit the Start button. 
  • From the search field, you have to find out the Device Manager. 

McAfee problem : device manager

  • Now, try to find out the Network Adapters option. 

McAfee VPN not working : Network Adapters

  • Just expand it to see a clear picture of Network adapters. 

McAfee safe connect : Expand Network adapters

  • After that, go through the list carefully and figure out the one which has a yellow exclamation point. 
  • This point depicts that the driver has some issues with installation. 
  • Now, to get rid of this problem, perform a right-click on the driver. 
  • Also, choose Uninstall device. 
  • You can restart your PC now. 
  • The network driver will get installed easily. 
  • To check on the issue, you need to connect to McAfee VPN. 
  • If there arise some issues then don’t forget to clear the cache and cookies of the browser. 

Solution 5: Get in Touch with McAfee Website Admin

Contact McAfee

You can also take help from the McAfee support team. They will ensure good assistance. Well, you need to carry some of the following things while giving the information:

  • Activation code. 
  • The location where you used the service. 
  • Newest payment copy
  • A description of the error 

Winding Up!

McAfee VPN is not working can be occurred because of different reasons. So, we have to root out each of them. The solutions described above are entirely made for every cause that hinders the process. So, make sure to go through each of the steps carefully and fix this irritable issue. 

Make sure to take a look at our other articles as well to develop a better understanding of McAfee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Turn On McAfee Safe Connect?

  1. Navigate towards the Main menu. 
  2. Choose Settings now. 
  3. Mobile users can choose to Protect me while Windows users can go with Protection Preference. 
  4. Now, select any of the following items. 
    • For manually enabling VPN choose When I turn Protection on. 
    • Enabling VPN while using an unsecured WiFi network can choose Automatically on Wi-Fi & mobile networks. 
    • Choose Automatically on Wi-Fi only if LAN network and unsecured Wi-Fi are connected to your device. 
  5. Choose the tab named Add trusted network to include your current network on the list of a trusted network. 

2. How Can I UnBlock McAfee Safe Connect?

  • First of all, just access the McAfee mobile security. 
  • Move towards the top right corner to select the 3 dots. 
  • Tap Wifi Security. 
  • Thereafter, go through the list of blocked networks. 
  • Delete all of them. 
  • Again, try to connect to the unsecured network. 

3. How Can I Prevent McAfee From Blocking a Program?

  • Choose the app followed by selecting Edit. 
  • Go through the Access. 
  • Just ensure that you selected the incoming and outgoing. 
  • Now, try to modify the type from default to Open to all devices. 
  • Hit the Save button. 

Note: Well, you can also include the designated ports if you have knowledge about them. 

4. Why is My McAfee VPN not Running?

There can be plenty of reasons behind VPN not running. 

  • Using an outdated McAfee product. 
  • You are using it on another device such as jailbroken iOS and rooted Android.
  • The firewall creates conflicts with your McAfee. 
  • Using different VPN products on your device.

5. How Can I know the Running Status of McAfee VPN?

  • Perform a right-click on the McAfee icon. 
  • Now, just tap on any of the following enable or disable VPN. 
  • The VPN can be shown as connected or disconnected. 
  • You may see the error text Couldn’t connect when VPN has some issues while connecting. 

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